User Registration

As a registered user you can have access to multiple services provided by EKT.

Registration happens only once and after that, you can login with your email and password. Our goal is to provide end-user services in user communities.

After registering to you can:

  • easily participate in all the events organized by EKT
  • register to the important EKT newsletters containing all the recent events in the fields of Research, Innovation, Bussiness and Digital Transformation
  • automatically fill-in your personal data in the services provided by the Digital Library of EKT
  • have access to various services that will be announced in the future

After pressing the 'Register' button, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you will declare.

Please read the instructions included in that email, so that the registration process will be completed.

EKT follows all the security requirements for your personal data, according to the national law. At some cases, it is possible to process the registered users data for statistical purposes, to improve the quality of the services provided and to follow the terms of use for as long the user is registered in the EKT services. EKT does not transfer or publish any personal data to third parties, unless the law demands it. For more information about the privacy policy of EKT please see the privacy policy link at the bottom of the page.